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The Kundalini Method: Spiritual Mentorship

Healing isn’t easy, but it’s certainly worth it. For those who need more than a 1-off session and a more hands-on mentorship, the Kundalini Method may be for you. It consists of 3 major spiritual healings that will we use to directly apply to your life. Those 3 spiritual healings are:

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM is the ability to FEEL completely FREE in the pursuit of your dreams. It’s about feeling good every moment of your life and how to get there. Energy management is another way to put it!

PERSONAL TRUTH is the truth of who you TRULY are. It is YOUR higher self, the essence of the self. It’s who you really are before the world told you who to be.

SOUL ALIGNMENT is the FLOW or SYNCHRONICITY of your life. It’s the path you were intended to be on and feels really good and aligned while on it! It’s when your desires are being met!

The Kundalini Method: Spiritual Mentorship is a monthly 1:1 program specifically designed to…

✨ Help you implement the 3 spiritual healings into your life effectively and create the ultimate feeling of bliss.

✨ Focus on the unlearning of your life, returning home to the essence of who you are.

✨ Effectively navigate your spiritual awakening on a massive level.

✨ Teach the lessons of A Course In Miracles, the ultimate spiritual text.

✨ Focus on navigating your changing consciousness level.

✨ Determine which healings are best for you and implementing.


✨ (4) 90-minute sessions via Zoo, 3-month commitment ~ $3,000

In-person only:

✨ NYC ~ 25 hours per week ~ $10,000/month

✨ Anywhere else ~ 25 hours per week ~ $11,000/month