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Awakened soul/Empath Empowerment Session

Being highly sensitive, empathic, or a sensitive soul (however you define yourself) can be extremely challenging in this world. We feel, love, behave, think, and are wired differently from others. My mission is to make sure you never feel crazy and can manage your special intuitive gifts. The goal is to go from disempowerment to empowerment!

Newly awakened? Identify as an empath, awakened, sensitive soul, highly sensitive person, lightworker, starseed, mystic, etc? Find out how to navigate the 4 E’s of sensitive BEING. 90 minutes recorded over ZOOM.

🌹 Empathic abilities

🌹 Emotional freedom

🌹 Energy management 

🌹 Empowering relationships

You will learn to…

✨ Manage your emotions in a positive and healthy way.

✨ Learn to prevent overstimulation and energy overload.

✨ Discover self-love, self-care and acceptance around your temperament.

✨ Learn to connect with other like-minded individuals.

✨ Manage your sensitivity and understand it from a spiritual level.

✨ Empower you around the empath/narcissist relationship.

✨ Discover spiritual tools that help shield and protect yourself.

✨ Learn what your intuitive gifts are and how to use them for your highest potential.

✨Create clarity about your spiritual awakening/Kundalini experience.

✨Decipher intuitive messages from spirit.

✨Navigate consciousness and the spiritual realm.


✨ 1:1 90 minute session via Zoom $150



Justine has been really helpful in answering any and all questions about spiritual awakenings and the spiritual space. She made me feel comfortable talking about a topic that was uncomfortable to me at the time. Thank you for all the advice and support she provided.
— Maria
Justine’s empath support was life changing for me, I was lost spiritually and she helped me get on an aligned spiritual path. For anyone who wants to work on themselves spiritually and live a more positive spiritually wealthy life Justine has a gift in helping you find that.
— Dan