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Conscious Love Coaching

Go from hopelessly romantic to consciously romantic! I help awakened souls create conscious, harmonious, and empowered romantic relationships!

3-month commitment; $1500. 1 hour weekly sessions. Recorded sessions. ZOOM

🌹 Navigating relationships as an empath, HSP, sensitive soul

🌹 Healing from narcissistic abusive relationships

🌹 Redefining relationship dynamics; masculine/feminine energy

🌹 Dating intentionally and consciously

🌹 Differentiating spiritual relationships; karmic, soul mate, and twin flames

🌹 Defining values and deal breakers

🌹Healing codependency and self-love blocks

🌹Creating energy protection, setting boundaries, and emotional freedom 

🌹Navigating emotional intelligence and emotional validation


1:1 (1) hour per week x 12 session over 3-month period