You Don’t Have To WANT To Climb The Corporate Ladder

I remember sitting at my cubicle eating lunch at my desk as usual and staring at my boss from across the room. Zoning out, I came to this conclusion that I NEVER want my boss’ job. Then I proceeded to look around the room and I noticed that other people were working their asses off and hoping to be noticed and move up the ladder. I was just there to get the work done and get paid for it.

When I took that job, it was at a low time in my life. I was sleeping on my sister’s couch, wanting to desperately get an apartment in NYC. I knew without this full-time job, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of these goals.

Ever notice how society favors full-time work?

Here’s a tiny little secret for you guys. Full-time work is NOT steady work. There’s actually no such thing. Let me explain.

You can easily get fired tomorrow. You can easily get laid off. Trust me, it happened to me TWICE in 2014.

Stability in the workplace just doesn’t exist. You are more likely to see a unicorn roam the streets of New York City than have a “stable” job.

So my full-time job did EXACTLY what it was intended to do. Get me off my sister’s couch and into an apartment in NYC (with a short stint in a North Jersey apartment) with a stable income.

But now what?

Six months into my full-time job I started taking life coaching training online. I would work at my full-time job all day (and not going to lie, wrote blogs and such on my down time), and then take coach training at night.

I loved all the new ladies I met in the online community and I was excited to find a tribe that really understood me. I wanted their lives!! So I hired one as my coach.

This was education I never experienced before. I was used to the college system (I had spent a total of 6 years doing it this way) and had no idea a mentor situation would be my ideal way to learn.

They not only showed me how to create an unconventional career but they showed me you can do it by being location independent.

Oh my goddess… I wanted it and I wanted it now.

And you know? None of them missed corporate at all. Not one of them.

There’s never just one way to make money, and nothing is impossible.

Just always remember that….

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