Why Sisterhood Is So Important

There was a time in my life where all my friends were predominantly boys. I had gravitated to them in a time in my life where I just wanted to have fun and not deal with the cattiness of girls. It was too much for me, and ‘women had too many feelings.’ Turns out, and here’s a shocker, I AM a woman. And with that, comes LOTS, and LOTS, and LOTS of feelings.

I think I’ve written about it before, but I really didn’t believe I was a girl because I got along so well with boys. I loved talking about penis jokes, fart jokes, and their perspectives on dating (ironically I absolutely HATED talking about sports, but I always found common ground). I LOVED how they didn’t have to talk about their feelings, or even complicate things. It’s not until now I realize, I loved it because I didn’t want to face any feelings of mine.

When I realized that I did, indeed, have a vagina between my legs, as well as feelings (LOTS OF THEM), talking to boys about what I was going through seemed nearly impossible. They were insensitive as HELL (especially to me, the HSP) and I just could not deal. I separated from them and latched on to my female bestie and didn’t let go.

I started gravitating towards women, but it wasn’t any type of woman, it was the smart, sensitive, genuine, powerful souls. This led me back to an old friendship with a woman best friend I had cut off because she was ‘too sensitive’. If irony existed (I believe that it doesn’t because everything in our lives strategically happens for a reason) this would be the quintessential ironic moment.

WOW, who knew sisterhood could be so amazing? The support, the sensitivity, SO BEAUTIFUL. Turns out, women are the most compassion, empathetic, and amazing creatures on the planet. This beats talking about penises any day!

Listen, I’m not knocking boys. And YES, I have had a few emotional conversations about feelings before with boys (one friend in particular, he has no idea how I love those conversations with him). But there’s nothing like sisterhood <3