Why I Love Being A Third Wheel (Fifth Wheel, Too!)

Shopping is the new cardio

According to my brand new awesome Fitbit (thanks, full-time job, I love free stuff) I have burned over 2,000 calories just walking the Jersey Gardens Mall. So whoever says shopping isn’t cardio, you can suck it!

I was on a quest to find a dress (haha that rhymes!)

Not just any dress, but THE PERFECT DRESS for a good friend’s wedding, that is happening this Saturday. Yes, SUPER last minute I know, but it was a success, and I have found the most beautiful dress. It’s a long one, too. I’ve never worn a long one to a wedding before so we shall see how this pans out.

But anyway, I found myself the fifth wheel today amongst my friends. I HAVE to tell you, and I know this is going to sound kind of strange, but I absolutely LOVE being the third and fifth wheel (I also don’t discriminate against being the seventh or ninth wheel; I just don’t usually hang with big crowds, LOL).

Usually, it’s quite the opposite. Over the years, I’ve heard numerous people talking about DREADING hanging out with their best friend and their significant others. Not me, being the third wheel is awesome. I found myself last month trying to plan a Jamaica vacation with my bestie and her boo, happy as a clam.

I am the biggest sucker, but there’s nothing else I’d rather be

I guess it just comes down to that ONE thing that is always in my heart: LOVE. I fucking love love, and the more I’m around it, the more genuinely happy I become. Energies don’t lie.

I had a great time today. A mix of both men and women telling me which dresses look fabulous and which dresses look like I’m walking into a club ready to get crunk (lol!). But all in all, a successful day of burning calories, friend bonding time, and of course, LOVE encompassing.

They say I’m a dreamerrrrrrr, but I’m not the only oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee