Where My Guy Friends At, From the Front to Back? Are You Feeling That? Ok, I’ll Stop Now…..

Where My Guy Friends At, From the Front to Back? Are You Feeling That? Okay, I’ll Stop Now…

Where my guy friends at?! Over the last two years I can safely say I have gotten closer to my girlfriends as opposed to my guy friends. In fact, there was a point in time where being around my guy friends was a bit unbearable. You have probably guessed by now, the shear insensitivity was too much for me to withstand, so I slowly began to extract myself from their presence.

This all was in direct response to my best friend/ex-boyfriend catastrophe. This put the insensitivity factor of men DIRECTLY in the limelight. Unfortunately at the time, I was closest to FUCKBOYS (half joking with love) that didn’t know the difference between empathy and their asshole (sorry so graphic, just really trying to drive that point home). Their advice would be something along the lines of ‘Get over it’ and ‘Just fuck someone else, it’ll make you feel better.’ Not exactly PRODUCTIVE advice, so you can imagine my need to surround myself with non-idiots.

My angel, my best girlfriend, was just that, an angel. She provided empathy, sensitivity, wisdom, love and everything a Sensitive Sally like myself NEEDED. I often joke with her, saying I’m not sure where I’d be without her. She is a truly beautiful soul. Although, I am a tough cookie, and can get through anything, the universe didn’t send her to me on accident. The universe will always give you what you need, and that is called DIVINE TIMING. There are no mistakes. This BELIEF provides tremendous trust in the universe for me. It always has your back. ALWAYS.

During the time of my transformation to consciousness, I realized I just didn’t resonate with men too much anymore, and all I wanted to do was talk about my feelings and be surrounded by strong powerful women. I did just that. And you know what? A friendship re-bloomed with an old best girlfriend of mine. We had a falling out over something so stupid and juvenile. I’ve missed her ever since, I just never allowed myself to feel it, until spirituality gave me no choice. So when I reached out, she didn’t hesitate. That’s because she’s a strong beautiful soul, who brewed up the power to forgive me. We’ve been working on rebuilding a friendship ever since, and I couldn’t be happier.

Why do I need guy friends when I have such BEAUTIFUL girlfriends? Guys are typically insensitive, unreliable, and reckless. Why do I need them in my life again? Please remind me……

LOVE, baby! Love wins every single time. I wanted them back in my life, simply because I love them. When you love someone, you take the good and the bad. The only REAL EVIL in this world is unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is a form of ignorance, and you can’t hate on the ignorant, they just don’t know any better...

Guys are from Mars, girls are from Venus

So when they were being insensitive, they really just had no idea they were hurting me, especially since all these years I have been acting like I had a heart made of steel. Every friendship is different, and I must accept that. I must accept people for who they are or I won’t get anywhere in this world. Both men and women friendships have things to offer, and that’s what is so beautiful. Every friendship differs, but no friendship is an accident.

I missed being close with them, getting dating advice, telling dirty jokes, and sending each other the latest memes. Thank goodness the present moment is all you have because if I think about all the time I spent pushing them away, it could easily spiral me into a deep sadness. BUT in the words of my beautiful Buddha, “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” This morning, I have an eclectic mix of both guy and girlfriends and I could not be any happier :)