What Is Intuition? Does Everyone Have It?

Intuition! Yes! My favorite topic! And yes, everyone has it!

What is your intuition?

Intuition is the sense that gets the short end of the stick. Everyone knows the 5 senses: touching, smelling, eyesight, speaking, and hearing. We all know this is factual, quite simply because it’s obvious. We may not be able to hold ‘smelling’ in our hands, but we know it’s a real thing. It’s science and we’ve experienced it. But what about the things we’ve experienced, but can’t prove?

This is where intuition comes in. There are no scientific facts to support that intuition actually exists. But I KNOW deep down in my heart, that everyone has experienced intuition before. And those that say they haven’t may have just not noticed it.

Below are some instances when your intuition comes into play:

  1. You wake up one morning and have a feeling something bad is going to happen that day, and it does.
  2. You are thinking about how you haven’t spoken to an old friend, and then they call you.
  3. You get this feeling that you have been in a certain place or situation before and you absolutely have not (at least in this lifetime ;)).


Did any of these things happen to you? That was your intuition coming through. Intuition is there to guide you in making the right choices to live the happiest life you can. It is guiding you to your most authentic self. It’s guiding you to your purpose.

So why can’t scientists prove this? Because intuition does not biologically come from the body, it comes from the soul. The soul is another beautiful thing that can’t be proven. That’s why you often hear, the most beautiful things in life can’t be seen! #truth

How do you get more in touch with your intuition? There’s lots of ways but the best and simplest way is to listen to your heart. Intuition lives there. But I will be posting more soon on other ways to heighten your intuition, so stay tuned!