Waking Up From the Hallucination

Waking Up From the Hallucination

I have to give a shout out to one of the best meditation centers in NYC, the Kadampa Meditation Center. They are wonderful, and the meditations and classes are SO BEAUTIFUL. This is how I spent my Monday night and I couldn’t have been happier.

The lecture was on happiness, and what it REALLY takes to get there. I learned a lot and want to share my take on the teachings. Just bear with me, this is how I perceived the teachings….

If you read the quote from me, Justine Luzzi, on the right side of Hashtag Intuition’s logo, you will see I authored a quote about ‘waking up.’ I do not mean a deep sleep. What I mean is waking up from the hallucinations of the mind. What does this mean exactly?

This means, what we perceive with our mind, is just that, a perception. Without our mind, it wouldn’t exist. But you are NOT your MIND, nor are you your BODY. If this is not convincing to you, I ask you, find me something that objectively exists outside the mind. I’ll wait…..

Okay, so we just established you are not your mind or your body. These are hallucinations. Hallucinations are appearances that aren’t real; therefore we are constantly looking for happiness in objects that are just projections, like our physical body and mind perceptions. No wonder this material world is unhappy! We are searching for happiness in things that do not exist. When you put it that way, it makes some sort of sense, doesn’t it?

But, wait; it’s not just the material things we seek happiness from.

It also includes the people and things we love. Relationships, friends, family, apartments, careers, you NAME it! We are constantly attaching ourselves to things that we PERCEIVE to make us happy. But, the more conscious you become, the more you realize these hallucinations. This is where consciousness begins. It’s a very enriching, yet, difficult journey, but VERY MUCH worth it.

This is just one of the basic principles of Buddhism, which is why I LOVE IT so much. Reminds me to wake up, and gives me a more conscious way of looking at life. You can either live in the ignorance of hallucination, or you could live the Buddhist way and WAKE UP and liberate the mind. Life is about choices, which one will you choose?