How I Use Rewards To Motivate Me

How sweet rewards can be....

As an intuitive life coach, I help clients get in touch with their intuition. Once they have a clear path, 50% of the work is already done. But that other 50% to go won’t exactly be a piece of gluten-free cake….

Girl, I get it. I go to my full-time job, and I started two businesses on the side. I get what you mean by TIRED. Sometimes the motivation is just NOT there. You’re exhausted and you wish you had some type of social life. I mean, what does having a good time even look like anymore?

Well, as a coach, part of my support comes from holding space for my clients. This sacred space allows for you to step into your truth and allows me to help interpret what you need. If you’re in need of motivation, I’m here to help.

So, with that being said, how the heck do you get someone motivated? Well, I get very personal with my clients and usually share what works for me: rewards.

These have to be BIG rewards. You have to not cave and really trust your willpower. I do a mindset shift where I tell myself ‘[Thing you really want] is worth having because you earned it.’ I use this as a mantra every time I feel like caving. Also, think about how you would FEEL after you have achieved your goal. Think about that FEELING of accomplishment. Now that’s a natural high.

Some goals currently on my white board:

  • When I run a 10k in August I get to get my hair done
  • When I get two more clients I get to buy expensive angel wedges (they’re so cute, they have wings!!!)
  • When I pay off my debt I get to visit John of God in Brazil

Also, write down your goals!! It helps with clarity. Ok, hope that helps! If you need a little more pep in your step, feel free to contact me at