Top 3 Spiritual Practices Used When Traveling

I am writing this blog on a plane back from China! What a wonderful experience it was! Traveling could be such a fabulous life learning experience, I recommend it to everyone. I have vowed to travel out of the country at least once a is fabulous but it can also be frustrating. Many obstacles arise, such as communication barriers, lost luggage, canceled flights, you name it! I’ve dealt with it all, but nothing can stop be from still being bitten from the travel bug.

The truth is, there are a TON of spiritual lessons to be practiced while traveling. I’ve compiled the top 3 I believe to take the cake.

1. Patience

Not my strong suite, that’s for sure! I am constantly being tested with this, as the universe knows I need practice. For example, my flight to Shenzhen, China was canceled, and I was told to go to the ticket sales counter after waiting a super long time on this other line. I go to the ticket counter and after waiting super long on that one, I was redirected back to the original mega long line. Add in a bunch of other angry patrons and sticky humid weather and you have a situation made for impatience city. In order to practice patience, I did a few things. First thing, was to close my eyes and take three deep breaths. Once I opened my eyes, I used conscious reasoning to rationalize that if I chose to become impatient in this moment, it would create disharmony in my energy and cause my distress on my mind, body, and soul. To lose my patience would be an absolute waste of time and energy.

2. Be Present

travel-2-288x158When I first started to travel, I noticed I desperately wanted an itinerary to document my every move. I was also constantly worried about whether I was going to miss my flight, be able to see all the landmarks I wanted, etc. By being present, you could be in the moment long enough to enjoy it. You never really know what you’re missing until you are conscious of your present state. You can stay present by trusting the universe, and feeling certain that everything that happens will happen in the way it is supposed to unfold.

3. Non-judgment

As I mentioned, I am on a plane home from China, and after spending a week there, I noticed obvious differences in culture. But different doesn’t mean bad, it simply means different. But it is easy to judge, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t judge (I am human after all). There were moments I found some people rude and cold. I took this as an opportunity to practice non-judgment and do some mindset shifts around this. I tried to see the possible other side of a rude person, and what their upbringing, culture, or community could be. This allows a sense of interconnectedness and feeling of ‘one’ to engulf me.

There are many more spiritual lessons to practice during travel, and it was extremely hard to just pick three. Every day is a given opportunity for the universe to support your growth. Take it, you are extremely blessed <3