Things I Must Do Before I Die

Things To Do Before I Die

So yesterday I met some friends at a bar (SO MUCH FUN) and I casually mentioned I had re-written my List of Things To Do Before I Die while waiting for someone to meet me at [easyazon_link identifier="B00OV98F44" locale="US"]Starbucks[/easyazon_link]. Everyone was shocked that I actually had a physical list, and that I had started it when I was 15. I also carried it around with me everywhere I went. It’s funny because I have a really bad habit of perceiving that MY way of thinking is how everyone should think and act. It’s a very one-sided and egotistical way to process information, but I’m working on it.

Anyway, this list in fact does exist and has for 14 years. It suddenly dawned on me that this is one of the few longest relationships I have ever had. The list is important to me, and sometimes I neglected it, but it has always been there, like unconditional love (haha). This list is also very early evidence of being a very spiritual being. I knew deep down that self-love and self-awareness were highly important to me, projecting itself from my soul right onto a piece of notebook paper.

I would say the list is about 40% done, which is really awesome. Some things seem impossible now, but I just know deep down, nothing is impossible. Never say never, miracles happen every single day <3

Well, since I am a blogger now, and I tell everyone my business all day every day (OPEN BOOK, BABY), I will surely be writing about this list. You’ll see all the trials and tribulations that go along with living my life to the fullest. There are some hilarious things on there, so be ready to laugh. I’m also hilarious and awkward and I guarantee many adventurous mishaps.

I scanned the actual list so you can check it out below. I have been adding over the years. Also, keep in mind, I made this list at 15 years old, so if you feel anything is juvenile, a CHILD wrote it. So, no judging please :)

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