The Zen Phantom

All Right, I Warned You, I’m Twisted

So please brace yourself for this story. This is a tale very similar to The Slutty Pumpkin (if you don’t watch How I Met Your Mother you won’t get this reference, but please read on).

New York City is the BEST city in the world, and you really never know who you may meet. So on my commute home one day, I was minding my own business, reading the very fabulous book, “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.

A few minutes later it was my stop, and I went to exit the very crowded train. Upon exiting, a really cute guy was making the same dash, and as he passed me, he said “I love Eckhart Tolle. He’s the man.”

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. STALKING from across the train. Is it REALLY stalking though? I mean, it’s really just LOOKING, if you want to get technical.

So this guy and I (found out a few minutes later his name was Andy) chatted for awhile, riding the escalator together, talking about all things CONSCIOUSNESS. This is definitely a RARE BREED for a man, so you can only imagine how much this conversation gave me a lady boner (yeah, I said lady boner).

After those few magical moments, my awkwardness began to kick in and I got really nervous around him. So nervous that when we parted ways, I was too much of a little bitch to get anything besides his name and the area in which he lived.

Should I Post a Craigslist Missed Connection Ad or Nah?

I FUCKED up. This is indeed a rare breed of human that I let slip out of my life (was he ever REALLY in my life?) I profusely cursed all the way to the next train. I even began psyching myself, wondering if what just happened was just an illusion.

To present day, I call him The Zen Phantom. Does he even exist? I’m not sure. My mind has been known to play tricks on me. I commute the same way home every day and so far no sightings. OH WELL. The universe does not make mistakes, so I have to trust this journey….