The Wolf of Wall Street: A Not-So-Average Review

The Wolf of Wall Street: A Not-So-Average Review

WOW! Just saw The Wolf of Wall Street. So many thoughts in my head and it’s about to explode if I don’t write it all down.

Okay so I absolutely adore movies where the overall message ties itself to Buddhist tendencies. Yes, I’m bringing spirituality into this, and a little psychology while I’m at it.

Jordan Belfort is a dignified sociopath with a narcissistic personality. The combination is terrifying. Sociopaths are the scariest people on earth because their greatest strength is manipulating people into doing what they want them to do. Case in point, a salesman a.k.a. stockbroker a.k.a. devil in a Prada suit.

Basically the premise of the smartly written film is that same mantra you’ve been taught in middle school: Do the right thing.

My whole life, I’ve been hearing these words from people: “You’re too nice.” I was living compassionately without ever really knowing why. The Wolf of Wall Street has given me that answer. Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Even if we don’t know what that reason is. If you follow a pure and just life, you will live a pure and just life. If you choose not to, it’ll come back way worse. Karma is real, let’s never forget that.

A sociopath can believe in karma, therefore they will sometimes choose to do the right thing, in hopes of avoiding the bad karma. But how do you ever really know if their intentions were genuine? YOU DON’T.

Most sociopaths are the CEO’s and businessmen and women who run this country. It can actually be a good thing in the cut-throat business world. To be a true leader, using compassion and empathy in lieu of narcissism and greed is always the path to choose. ALWAYS.

Thank you The Wolf of Wall Street, I needed a slight (very slight) reminder of why money isn’t everything in this vain world we live in. I will be very wealthy one day in health, relationships, and even financially by doing the exact opposite of Mr. Jordan Belfort.