The Truth In The Way We Work

I’ll never forget the day someone asked me how many jobs I’ve had. I responded with ‘too many to count’ and just laughed it off. But wait, how many jobs did I REALLY have?

I’ve had contract jobs, freelance jobs, part-time jobs, off the book jobs, full-time jobs, full-time contract jobs, night jobs, second jobs, ETC ETC ETC

I mean, I can go on forever. Forever and ever.

Before my spiritual awakening I would have been more than embarrassed to have those many jobs. People would make their own assumptions based on why I couldn’t keep a job; I was being fired, I change my mind too often, I’m lazy, ETC ETC ETC

None of those assumptions fit my TRUE SELF. This was certainly not what was going on here. In fact, I remember getting super depressed because I truly was unaware of the REAL reason. Years later I would come to understand that these jobs were just not what I intuitively wanted.

And that’s where I knew I had to become my own boss.

Swiftly after that came the realization that my leadership skills, time management, and less-than-empowering beliefs were the only things standing in my way.

How could someone who has barely managed anyone run a successful business? How can a sensitive introvert be a leader? How can someone who has been working for someone else their whole life, work for themselves? How??!

Thank god I believe in the universe because without that very belief my DREAMS would be SQUASHED beneath the fear. See society and fear say, ‘You will fail’; The universe and love says ‘You will succeed.’

And I WILL succeed.

If I had to leave you with one thing, it would be this:

“You are more powerful than you know.”

And that’s the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. Follow your heart and intuition, add some hard work and focus, and you got it made <3