The Tarnished Reputation of Life Coaches

The Tarnished Reputation of Life Coaches

Although I claimed to hate it at the time, my all-time favorite job was working at Longhorn Steakhouse in Woodbridge, New Jersey. I have met a majority of life-long friends there and I am forever grateful. HOWEVER, not everyone was a GEM. I was thrown into the path of difficult and conflicting personalities at certain times, which is a huge obstacle for my highly sensitive personality.

In particular, there was a certain personality that I frequently butted heads with. This person actually happened to be my boss, which made things that much more difficult.

Years earlier, I suffered from anxiety in a really detrimental way. I was anxious 100% of the time, always worrying about my next move. It was an emotional prison I just didn’t know how to break free from.

During a fight with my boss, I was having some kind of anxious breakdown and tears began to fall. I could tell he knew I was under some kind of stress. So he took a time out and reminded me that on his spare time he was a Life Coach.

At 23, and before my consciousness awakening, you can imagine that my attitude towards a ‘Life Coach’ was not exactly favorable. The title itself seems absurd and phony (in the words of the Great Holden Caufield from The Catcher in the Rye). How is this man, who I have very little respect for (just being honest) going to help me with this life-long problem? I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle and just brush it off.

Words and titles don’t mean much, do they? I wish I could have understood that years ago when my boss was just trying to offer some guidance to someone he saw as ‘lost’. Gratitude was never my strong suit back then, and the guilt stemming from that is something I continuously have to work on every day.

So where exactly am I going with this story? Life coaches are just light workers, with a bizarre title. Marie Forleo has a great video that you should check out, about this very topic. Who cares what you call yourself? It’s not about the title; it’s about the skill you have to provide. All they want to do is assist you in creating a better life for yourself, wish I had enough emotional intelligence at the time to realize that.

So, sorry, boss man. I owe you a big apology if I ever hurt your feelings or laughed at your profession. You know what they say, “the only evil in this world is unconsciousness”. PLEASE forgive my ignorance....