The Mind is A Terrible Thing To Waste

The Mind is A Terrible Thing To Waste

The mind. What is it? It is not your brain. It is not your heart either. Yet, it’s linked to both. Your brain is the logical thought process, whereas your heart is the emotional thought process.

“What you think, you become.” -Buddha

Does the mind really have that much power? The answer is yes.

As we go through this crazy roller coaster life, most people often forget the three basics. When I say BASICS, I mean BASICS. Have them aligned, and you’re golden. What am I talking about? MIND, BODY, SPIRIT. THE BASICS.

Too often do I see people suffering from the inner workings of the mind. Depression and anxiety being the most prevalent. I have been struggling recently with my beliefs on this subject. During the course of my life, I have suffered both. I have also tried two different ways to succumb to it. The medicated way and the holistic way. The holistic way trumps medicine, FOR ME THOUGH. How am I to judge the way in which people use to overcome their struggles?

Depression and anxiety can be both a chemical imbalance and an environmental factor. Every body is different, therefore every body reacts differently. I say, do what works best for you. What works best for me is meditation, gratitude and changing the way I think. These also happen to be extremely hard to execute. I stepped up to the challenge though, I want to experience personal growth. The way I was living before was NOT working for me anymore.

Lately, I’ve had some added stress and I can FEEL myself getting back to the way I was. Anxious all the damn time. I don’t ever want to go back there. There is a scary place.

I must make time for yoga and meditation at least once a week. I really should be meditating once a day. I think I may drink too much caffeine for that. Anyway, the new me is wonderful, I love her. I really do.