The Being VS. The Doing

I’ve been in digital marketing for 8-plus years. I’ve done everything from email marketing to social media, I’ve done it all. Yet, I’m confused on how to market myself.

My relationship to leadership rears its ugly head again. I am both the leader and the associate in this case. I wear ALL the hats in my business. ALL.

I’ve actually been all over with marketing myself as a coach. I’ve changed my title more times than you can count, as well as put together an email campaign that doesn’t really make much sense.

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about what I do and how it all ties in together.

As an intuitive coach and digital passion strategist, I help women empower their intuition around passion projects and utilize that power in digital entrepreneurship. I help women really get to the nitty gritty of their truth. Our truths are what we are in our BEING. And usually we can turn our being into DOING. And that doing usually involves marketing of some kind.

It’s all about finding your message and THEN figuring out the channel in which to message.

Okay, let me explain the BEING and DOING a bit more.

The BEING is more who you are, what you feel, and what you know. The DOING is more of what you, well, do. So if we concentrate more on the BEING, like how we want to FEEL, the DOING can become more productive.

And that’s really how people start businesses or passion projects they love. They concentrate on the BEING, how they want to feel at the end of the day. They then make business objectives and goals around that being. This is also how owning your truth and productivity are connected.

I’ve talked about this question a lot, but it’s one you should constantly be asking yourself:

“What are you really busy DOING?”

I encourage you to do an exercise where you can figure out your being VS. your doing. It’s just another great way to find your truth and create clarity!

I love talking about this stuff! Want to learn more? Message me and we’ll start a conversation :)

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