Why You Need To Drop Everything and Watch The Skeleton Twins. PS: Hollywood is Getting More Spiritual and I LOVE It!

It all started with a Labor Day weekend binge fest...

Having a day off is probably one of the best feelings ever. I felt the need to be lazy today, so Netflix had my FULL attention.

Hmmm maybe this was the day I finally watch Annie Hall. The classic movie in which Diane Keaton made wearing ties and pantsuits famous. OR I could watch Breakfast at Tiffanies. Both would have been great choices. Instead, I came across this movie called The Skeleton Twins. It stars Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. NATURALLY, you would think it’s a comedy. I was dead wrong. In fact, it was so beyond spiritual, it had me sobbing like a baby at the end.

The Skeleton Twins is about a brother and sister (twins) who haven’t talked in ten years. Maggie and Milo grew up with a not-so-great childhood, caused by a falling out, resulting in their estranged relationship. They eventually reunite when Maggie receives a phone call that Milo attempted suicide.

Throughout the movie, they attempt to repair the relationship. Turns out, years later, they are both still ‘fucked up’ and are not exactly so-called HAPPY PEOPLE. They attempt to rekindle a bond and provide support in helping each other sort out their messes.

I could go through the whole movie but I’m not going to give it all away. BUT, I will say a little something about that undeniable twin bond. I am not a twin; however, I do have a sister, and a couple of stepbrothers, so I am quite knowledgeable on siblings. But I have read a lot of psychological research about twins due to my inquisitive mind...

One time I read this story about twins separated at birth. They grew up completely separate and no contact between them for about 35 years. Low and behold, it turns out, they had really uncanny similarities. Both had married a man the same year, with the same name. Both women had been in the same profession, had the same diet, and same weight. Now I know those things can be classified as biological, BUT the twins also reported that they had always ‘felt something missing.’

That missing sentiment from the heart is definitely spiritual. There’s no other way to explain ‘that feeling.’ That feeling is intuition, KNOWING there is something that is not quite right but you just can’t pinpoint it….

Intuition is always directly linked to the soul. It actually acts as a gateway. It lives deep within you, and when something is not quite right, it KNOWS. You can trust me on this one :)

The Skeleton Twins: See it NOW

Redirecting back to The Skeleton Twins, I’m fairly certain heartbroken twins Milo and Maggie were feeling that missing feeling in the deepest part of their hearts. They didn’t choose love (they chose ego) all of those years, which brought them to a place of depression, desperation and disheveled lives of an unhappy sea of bad choices.

I have to say Hollywoodlikes to sneak some spiritual lessons in their movies, as long as our intuitive selves are able to point them out.

Because I Said Soemployeeofthemonth-288x216 Let me first admit, today was not the first day of the weekend in which I watched Netflix (hey, I’m trying to save some $$$, don’t judge). During my binge-watching this weekend I watched two other movies, both comedies, specifically, Because I Said So and Employee of the Month. Not sure how many of you guys out there saw these two movies, but I noticed that in both, the UNIVERSE was mentioned. In Employee of the Month, the Indian co-worker of Dane Cook’s character tells him that the universe has a plan for all of us. While watching Because I Said So, Mandy Moore’s character mentions she met a wonderful man by the power of the universe. Hmmmm what’s all this talk of the universe? I saw myself slyly smirking at the minor mentions of the universe, fully knowing that spirit is all around us.

Redirecting once again back to The Skeleton Twins; two thumbs up! It was a phenomenal story about family, forgiveness, an unbreakable bond. The last fifteen minutes was a total sob fest, so make sure you have the tissues around.