The Underdog: A Tragic American Dream

The Underdog: A Tragic American Dream

You have a beautiful wife, a beautiful home, a beautiful son. You live in the town you grew up in. Your friends’ that have married live the same life as you, living nearby. During the day, your wife works, and you take care of your gorgeous son. When your wife comes home, she cooks you dinner, the whole family eats together, and then you are off to the restaurant to make that money, honey. You kiss her goodbye and head off for a long night to provide for your family.

Sounds pretty ideal to most people, right? This life isn’t particularly appealing to me BUT I am the exception. The exception is that I actually know the truth, the truth behind this ‘ideal life’. What I didn’t tell you in this love story, is that the two people in this marriage are actually just that, two people that happen to coexist.

Pretty cryptic, eh? Well, let me explain. During the day, this person is not JUST watching and spending quality time with his son. He is also speaking inappropriately to the woman he’s truly in love with. When the wife enters the door at promptly 6:05 pm every night, the text messages are erased on his phone. Another day of living a lie is successfully accomplished.

Pity is an interesting word. It really is. In this little toxic love triangle lies a truth so blatant to everyone around them, that it is almost laughable. The truth is, who’s the pity directed to?

In my eyes, I do not pity the wife. There is no doubt in my mind that there is something lurking deep inside her that KNOWS. Female intuition is just WAY too strong for those types of shenanigans. I also do not pity the other woman. She is actually the ONLY ONE in this situation that knows the absolute truth. She is his best friend, and the one that he truly loves. Yet, he does not understand it.

I know what you’re thinking, “How could you possibly know how he feels?” The answer is I JUST KNOW. It’s that little thing called INTUITION many people choose to ignore.

The pity is for him. I do feel bad for him. Someone that can’t admit the truth to themselves, is more tragic than anyone that loves him. You wake up every day living a lie, and go to bed every night, living a lie. This emotional prison must be KILLING YOU.

There’s another truth to be told. I am rooting for you, lost person. I am rooting for you, I really am. One day, you will wake up, and simply just not be able to live the lie any longer. ONE DAY.

Why do I do this? I do this because I love everyone. EVERYONE IS DESERVING OF LOVE. I believe in the good in people. I believe in the UNDERDOG. To not believe, will be to LIVE A LIE.