I'm An Intuitive Life Coach, So Suck It

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been identifying myself this whole time as an Intuitive Coach. This was my strategic attempt to cop out from the fact, that I am, indeed, a life coach. That’s right! I’m calling myself out! The word ‘life coach’ used to give me the heeby jeebies. The context I had around the word still irks me a bit. Who are you (the life coach) to tell me how to live my life?

Oh, sweet naïve unconscious, pre-unicorn-lover Justine. That is not what a life coach is and that’s not what a life coach does. A life coach loves, supports, and holds you accountable. A life coach propels you into your ideal future and helps you unblock the obstacles. They believe you are in control of your own life, not them.

How does that feel to you? Does it feel less scary? Feels less scary to me for sure. Sooooooo I don’t have to be perfect?


But I do have to be self-aware. And I do have to be transparent and authentic. I do have to stand for my clients when they are having a hard time standing for themselves. I do have to practice positivity in my everyday life. I do have to practice choosing love over fear. I do have to hold them accountable for their declarations. I do have to ask the hard questions. I do have to be non-judgmental. I do have to educate on spiritual principles. I do have to love them unconditionally.

Seems like a lot of work, seems almost like a job? (Quick jab at those that say this ISN’T a job, or that this is a ‘joke’) Although it’s my job, it’s also my passion and if money didn’t make the world go around and buy me unicorn things, I wouldn’t take a dime for it.

I am proud to call myself an Intuitive Life Coach. I get to spend my days helping men and women live the life they’ve always wanted and recreate JOY in their lives. What a beautiful purpose I’ve “stumbled” upon :)

It’s funny how you think your life will turn out one way, and it goes in a direction you didn’t even know existed. Who would have thought this was my past? Not I. Not I.

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