Why Clarity is a MAJOR KEY

Let me ask you a question, can you have genuine happiness without clarity? Really, really think about it…. For myself, there was definitely a correlation between the times I was the most confused and the times I was most depressed. Having lack of clarity of who you are, what direction to go in, what line of work to get into, can really make you question your worth.

Really getting in touch with my intuition and figuring out how I want to FEEL has put me on a path that feels TRUE to my higher self. Your higher self is the true essence of who you are. It’s what your spirit/soul truly is. It’s your BEING, not your DOING.

There’s also the time management factor.

I remember first getting into Buddhism. A Buddhist teacher at one of the lectures asked, “What are you really busy doing?” That question was so powerful.

Turns out, I was just coasting from job to job, whatever paid the bills. Sometimes I liked my jobs, but I had always grown bored in some way. But the truth of it was, I was living a passion-less life, using external things to create my happiness. From apartments, to boyfriends, to friends, you NAME it. They needed to entertain me and give me some type of purpose and worth.

And I just kind of floated. Broke up with a boyfriend? Get a new one. My lease was up? Find a new place. Had a fall-out with a friend? Find a new one.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with moving forward without attachment in life after certain circumstances didn’t work out. But the direction in which I was going was a shot in the dark and based on fears and external circumstances. Without clarity of direction, I had no REAL goals, so it was an endless cycle.

Intuition is the inner guidance of truth most people want to ignore. How blessed are we that we can figure out the path by going within, as opposed to looking outwards? It’s already there.

One of my favorite sayings about intuition is this: Intuition isn’t always right, but it is always true.

How do you interpret this?

For me, I believe that intuitive hit you have is for a reason, that a message is being communicated to you. But it’s not always RIGHT, meaning it may not be accurate but it’s pointing you in the right direction.

For example, I got laid off twice in one year in 2014. It brought a lot of personal issues to the surface and I did a lot of work with my intuition to figure out what the next move was. Turned out, I was feeling like I needed to be my own boss and become an entrepreneur. Although that turned out to be TRUE, the path in which I wanted to go was undistinguishable. I entertained the idea of being an herbalist, Naturopathic Doctor, and yoga teacher. So although the path was on point, the journey was a little unclear. I’ve had to do more intuitive work (and still do) to get the point I am now. I use as many tools as I can to get as much clarity as possible.

The more you are in touch with your intuition, the more clarity is possible. I definitely notice the difference in how I FEEL when I go against that gut feeling as opposed to doing what you feel is TRUE.

How often do you follow your intuition? Do you notice a difference when you do? Tell me about it in the comments below!