How Honest is TOO Honest?

I Have Always Taken Pride in the Virtue of Honesty

I think it’s fabulous and truly beautiful. The truth shall set you free! I really do believe that. Ah, yes, BUT the truth can also be hurtful, painful, and excruciatingly wicked. With that being said, I still rather hear it.

I’m not an angel, by far (although my best friend says I try to act like I’m Mother Teresa, high and mighty). I even catch myself embellishing the truth sometimes, which is a form of deceit. But other than that, I am an open book, and I simply can’t live a lie if I tried; my INTUITION will eat me up alive if I even attempted.

Now with all that out in the open, my question about being TOO honest rises to the occasion. Is there a case in which you can be TOO honest? Is that even a thing?

I SAY NO. BUT I do believe there is a certain way to approach honesty. You guessed it, sensitively. Like mentioned before, the truth can hurt. If it is done with grace and sensitivity, it can be quite beautiful. Listen, I know that sounds ludicrous but it’s true. The truth can set you free, and freedom is so, so beautiful.

Why am I even bringing this up? Well, not sure if you’ve noticed, but I write a blog now and my whole vision of Hashtag Intuition is to share my experiences. What good are shared experiences if they are a lie?

I do a lot of awkward and dumb things. I’m still human. But my intentions are good, and they’re HONEST. I also believe this is the path of true enlightenment, being honest with MYSELF. Being honest is being honest to myself, so it is a DEFINITE must in order to get me where I need to go. So, sorry, not sorry. I only speak the truth.