“If You Want To Live To 130 Years-Old, You Need To Cut Down on the Vodka.” Said My Very Wise Doctor

Vodka, A Love/Hate Relationship Since the Year 2000

First of all, let me hear a heck yes for health insurance! HECK YES! I don’t take having health insurance lightly, so I have been taking full advantage of it. I have so far seen a gynecologist, dentist (no cavities, woohoo! Yet he couldn’t stop talking about how yellow my incisors were…), and now my general practitioner. Dr. Steven Wong is his name and I absolutely adore him! He’s so cute and wise. Anyway, I asked for the whole nine yards of blood work, to check to make sure I was not at risk for anything serious. It feels good taking charge of my health!

Turns out, I’m one healthy bitch! Yay! Go me! However, Dr. Wong pointed out that one thing he noticed was that my body seemed to be dehydrated often and my red blood cells were slightly larger than normal. To explain both of these things he asked me about my alcohol habits. Yes, I drink alcohol, specifically vodka, and only socially. BTW, Dr. Wong thinks social drinking is about 4 drinks a week. I personally think that’s very little. BUT I am also not a doctor. Anyway, he said it’s in my best interest to cut down the alcohol significantly.

THEN I proceed to tell him of my aspirations to live until I’m 130 years-old. Let me tell you, you should have seen his face. HAHAHA! Dr. Wong has been practicing medicine for many years, and I can bet you this is the first time he’s ever heard that! Instead of judging me though, (aww, Dr. Wong, my nonjudgmental prince) he simply gave me further instruction to cut out alcohol COMPLETELY.

YIKES. Completely? I don’t know about that. Well, the truth is, I don’t really LIKE drinking alcohol so much anymore. I much rather smoke weed, hahaha. It’s easier on my body, not to mention more natural. Alcohol sometimes hits me like a ton of bricks and makes me feel groggy as hell. I feel the best, when I am not drinking or hungover. I mean, I’m super busy, who has the time to be hungover anyway?

But you know what I think it is? I think it’s the fact of eliminating it altogether. As I’ve talked about many times before, I have attachment issues. The shear fact that Dr. Wong is prying alcohol away from me FOREVER, nearly makes me shit my pants (sorry, so graphic lol).

I guess it all comes down to living presently. Maybe I should just be more mindful of my alcohol intake. Perhaps, before ordering a drink (or 7th drink), I should ask myself, does this contribute to my instant gratification or my long-term goals?

YES! It’s important to me to live long. In fact, I read a story the other day about a 95 year-old yoga instructor who doesn’t look a day over 50! I mean, that shit is awesome, and SUPER INSPIRING. If he can do it, I CAN DO IT.

So, I can’t sit here today and say I’m cutting out alcohol FOREVER, because the truth is, I simply just don’t know if that’s true. I will live presently and ask myself, do I really NEED this drink? I trust enough in myself to be mindful enough to make the right decision.

SOOOOOOOOOO, 130, here I come! :)