Where To Invade Next: My Review

On Friday night, I decided to check out Michael Moore’s newest documentary, Where To Invade Next. I have to admit, I have not seen any of his other documentaries, yet I am a big fan solely of his from his social media, activism, and public appearances.

Oh how I love left-wing liberals <3 They hold a special place in my heart!

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

The movie was just about two hours, and I was intrigued every minute. Maybe intrigued isn’t the word. Maybe, APPALLED is a better fit.

I literally found myself either shaking my head in dismay, or having trouble getting my lower lip back into place. Some of these other countries had ideas and policies that were so beautifully constructed and almost TOO obvious.

Michael Moore’s intentions were to use satire. The reasoning that he is “invading other countries’ ideas” is cute; I just didn’t find myself laughing.

Here are a few things from foreign countries that stood out to me the most from Where To Invade Next:

Italy- Did you know Italy offers 8 weeks of paid vacation a year and it’s mandatory? Also, after a mother gives birth, she gets 3 months paid time off to spend with her baby. Oh yeah, and for their lunch breaks during work they go back to their homes, eat a home-cooked meal, and spend two hours lollygagging with their families.

Portugal- All drugs are LEGAL. You read that right. Want to know something? Their drug-related crimes are down, and they have one of the lowest crime-rate percentages in the world.

France- School lunches are prepared by a gourmet chef, who once a month discusses the lunch menu with nutritionists and school board directors. Meals are healthy, fresh, and balanced. They get one full hour to eat. During this hour, the children are taught to serve others graciously and the proper forks and knives to use.


Finland- Did you know Finland holds the smartest kids in the world? Did you also know they have 3-hour school days and no standardized testing? Yeah, I’ll let you marinate on that for awhile…..

Germany- Germans only have a 36-hour work week. It is also illegal to call your employees after the workday is over or if they are on vacation or holiday.

Interesting stuff, huh? Listen, I know these countries have their problems, and Michael Moore was just highlighting the positive attributes of them. I absolutely adore being American and I love our country, But there are no doubts, there needs to be some changes implemented.

Well done, Michael Moore, you have lit an even greater fire under my ass!