The Crazies Are Out

The Crazies Are Out

“I’m fucking crazy.”

I hear this quite often. It’s funny because it seems wherever I go, people tend to gravitate towards me and unleash their issues. The truth is, I secretly love it (not so secret anymore!). It makes me feel so wonderful that people want to come to me and tell me their deepest darkest secrets. I feel honored. So when someone tells me their irrational tendencies and that thing that “makes them crazy”, I just grab their hand and tell them “everything is going to be okay.”

It is going to be okay. Do you know why? Being crazy is a part of being human. We ALL have our issues. Whether it’s irrational thoughts, never seeing the good in people, or severe trust issues, we all have SOMETHING.

The difference, however, is that those that are conscious can IDENTIFY these issues. Denial is a sick, sick place to be. I hate to break it to you, but these issues will manifest eventually. So those of you reading articles found on a website like this, think “this is way too spacey for me”, here’s a little secret: you’re not ready, YET.

I’ll tell you, in the matter of the last six months, I’ve learned so much about myself. So many lessons compacted into one situation. I could be angry. I could be pissed, but why? I’m also human. I felt those feelings, REALLY FELT THEM, then let them pass. It’s amazing how beautiful it could be to be released from an emotional prison.

What “makes me crazy?” It’s my attachment issues. I have a very hard time accepting situations for what they are and letting them go. I am highly sensitive, so I refuse to believe in the bad in people, no matter how much I get hurt. Giving up on people would be the easy way out. A lot of things in life are easier, but certainly not better.

It’s okay, crazy. Figure out your issue and just put the effort into making yourself a better person. Your future self will thank you for it.