The Secret To Finding Your Passion & Purpose

In a 10 year span I have....

  • Changed my major 9 times
  • Been to FIVE different colleges
  • Had at least 15 different ideas for inventions/products
  • Told myself I’d NEVER do something and ended up doing it

Confuzzled much? Yes, and it has taken me a long time to forgive myself for being confused. I am human after all….

And THEN a MIRACLE happened....

It wasn’t until I hit my spiritual awakening did I realize in order to REALLY find my passion; I NEEDED to SIT STILL FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE.

Meditation tops (or very high on it) the list of one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But it sure as hell saved me from the confused life I was living FOR SURE. Once I told my mind to SHUT THE FUCK UP, I could finally hear my heart……

But just because I could hear it, didn’t mean I miraculously had all the answers. The mind still had a small role to play.

So what exactly was my heart saying?

My heart was saying a lot of things. It was saying, you are a child of God (the universe, whatever is most comfortable to you), you have everything you ever need already inside of you (sometimes I literally can feel the universe moving inside of me (cue eyes rolling), and that I am a healer, an empath, a sensitive  spiritual being having a human experience.

I dedicated the next few years to learning everything I could about spirituality. I became OBSESSED. I wanted to know EVERYTHING. The 7 chakras, Buddhism, twin flames, soul mates, Reiki healing, energies, empaths, HSPs, BEING, staying present, synchronicities, angels, balance, yoga, eternal love, ANYTHING that had to do with love, consciousness, etc. I can go on for days…..

I have to tell you, I have never been so consumed in my life. In fact, it’s all I ever wanted to talk about. I had quite a few friends distance themselves, as they thought I had gone off the deep end. BUT I realized during this time, that this is really WHO I AM, and it’s not another college major I sometimes liked…..

BINGO!!! WOW!! I never felt so relieved to FINALLY have a clear direction of some type of passion. It felt SOOOO good to be passionate about something. I was unable to feel any of it for so many years due to a blocked heart chakra….

But my heart is OPEN FOR BUSINESS, PEOPLE!!! I am passionate as hell about spirituality and there’s no going back. Now, how do I make this a career and get paid for this shit??

Sooooo do I become a yoga teacher? A Buddhist monk? An herbalist? No, no, no. Something wasn’t right about these (says my intuition)…..

So it became time to reach deep within my heart again, to the one thing that scared just about everyone, THEIR DEEPEST DARKEST PAIN.

What was my deepest darkest pain? I discovered TWO huge ones..

Living in fear, not being able to do everything I set out to do (achieving all my goals), living to my highest potential while living my highest truth

People judging me for EXACTLY who I am, silly and crazy, a sensitive soul, a child of God, and an all-around weirdie old soul who has a hard time connecting with people from this lifetime….

DING DING DING! Tell her what she won, Bob!

Who would have thought, your deepest darkest pain and fears are directly linked to your life purpose? What’s my life purpose? To SUPPORT sensitive souls relate holistically and spiritually to the world and to help people find their passion and purpose in life. Would you look at that, that’s what my coaching practice is all about…..

HAHAHAHA, oh universe! Your sense of humor is both dark and light. Everything happens for a reason, and this reason is to fulfill my destiny….

The most wonderful thing in this life, is that we can have more than one passion. I am also very passionate about the liberal end of social issues, eating healthy, entrepreneurial ship, trying new things, self-improvement, digital marketing and public relations, the Kardashians, etc. BUT, from my experience, and it was a HELL of an experience, the passion that will light your fire will ALWAYS come directly from your pain. These other passions are simply just channels in which to express my DOING. It is not directly related to my being. For example, digital marketing is the messenger (way in which I communicate), not the MESSAGE.

I can help you, it’s in my BEING. A passionless life is no life at all. Do you want to keep doing what you’re doing? Or do you want to be CLEAR? Book a FREE clarity session with me today :)