3 Powerful Causes of A Spiritual Awakening

Holy guacamole! I’ll never forget my spiritual awakening the summer of 2013. I had just gotten out of a toxic relationship with my narcissistic ex-boyfriend and had just gotten sober from three months of straight binge-drinking. You see, a year prior I had driven drunk and had finally gotten caught. I remember being handcuffed and put into the back of police car as my three other friends cried. Weirdly enough, I did not cry. In fact, I smiled. Some part of me knew that this was my path.

Those two events combined were enough to catapult me into my new journey, my new way of life. The day I got my license back after a three month suspension, is the day I stopped drinking. That same day, I was forced to face the agonizingly painful emotions of the last tumultuous year of my life. It was not pretty.

It’s hard to put the experience into words, but basically I had gone from being an unconscious person to conscious person in a moment’s time. All of a sudden, I was self-aware of every single wound I never healed. It was an avalanche of emotions and it was so intense I had to move in with my mother and stepfather at age 27, with no rational or logical explanation to them. Something was happening and I needed all the support I could get.

I always like to say that everyone’s pain is different. We all feel differently and different things trigger us. These events happened to trigger me. I am just blessed that it wasn’t something 10 times worse. Not trying to dumb down the pain, just counting my blessings.

Working and studying with empathic people over the years, I’ve heard dozens of stories of how people awoke to their spiritual paths. They were all fascinating and different, but noticed a few common patterns. So I put together the top 3 powerful causes of spiritual awakenings below!

  1. Birth/Death. In a strange way, both life events are similar. I see both as a continuation of life. It’s all part of the cycle of soul recycling, if you will. Besides that, they are both events that will cause major transformation and change. Consciousness is almost natural because we start becoming more mindful and self-aware of the bigger questions in life. This can lead to the deeper meaning of life and a spiritual awakening. If the birth was traumatic, the more powerful it can seem. Same goes for death; the more unexpected, the quicker and painful the spiritual awakening will come.
  1. Years of Emotional/Sexual/Mental/Physical Abuse. I’ve seen this a lot and first and foremost, I want it to be known that my heart goes out to all abuse victims out there. In my life I have been blessed to not have endured such pain, except for my brief emotional abuse with a narcissist. So when I speak on this topic I only speak from my perspective. The emotional pain can be so intense and draining, often a spiritual awakening occurs; always at the right time and space.
  2. Breakup. I can surely speak to this one. Breakups can feel like deaths. After all, you are mourning the death of something. This can be very traumatic for some people and most definitely create a spiritual awakening. This was the case for me.

All 3 of these events can cause us to start questioning life and looking for something bigger than ourselves to help heal. But just to reiterate, the time and space of our spiritual awakenings, are all planned perfectly according to the universe. Things don’t happen to us for the sake of happening to us. We are awakened for a certain purpose, and it’s up to us to decipher that reason.

What is the universe trying to communicate to you?