My First Reiki Experience

My First Reiki Experience

About a week ago, I attended my first Reiki event at Element Natural Healing Arts in Brooklyn, New York. What is Reiki you ask? Element Natural Healing Arts describes it as the following:

Reiki: This is a gentle therapy in which the practitioner lightly places their hands on or just above the body, facilitating the energetic flow and balance in the client. In addition, Reiki can help to improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. During a Reiki session, the client may experience sensations of warmth and tingling as well as a deep state of relaxation.

Balance is so, so important to me. When my chakras are misaligned my whole world is out of whack. Misaligned chakras can be the source of anxiety, depression, uneasiness, etc. Just in case you’re wondering, chakras are the seven energy points in your body. There’s so much information on these energy points but we’ll save that for entire other blog post. But check out the chart below:

chakras, chakra chart, energy

I had heard about this particular Reiki class from an article I read on I have always wanted to try Reiki and since this particular class was FREE and just a decently short ride on the F train, I decided to jump at the opportunity.

Reiki it to Me

When I walked in, the Reiki Master Corinne greeted me with a smile and instructed me to take off my shoes and have a seat in the semi-circle. Once class began, she taught about the basics of Reiki and the miraculous transformation it had on her own body. Corinne had once suffered atrociously of Lyme Disease. She had tried multiple ailments for the disease, and as imagined, became frustrated when nothing seemed to work. Nothing seemed to work until Reiki, that is. She has been free of Lyme Disease ever since.

MIRACULOUS, simply miraculous. What else can Reiki do? I was intrigued. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED.

We all began to meditate and practice mindfulness as Corinne performed Reiki on each and every one of us. I’m not sure of the time because I was very relaxed and in my meditated state, but I would estimate it was no longer than 20 minutes. Once completed, the class talked about their individual experiences.

A majority of people said that they felt deeply relaxed and felt tingly in their bodies. I had felt it as if it was a regular meditation. So as you can imagine, I was a little envious and slightly worried that I didn’t feel any type of tingle or shift that the others had discussed. Does this mean I am already balanced?

Corinne said it’s okay if you don’t feel any different right away. Sometimes it takes a few sessions, and sometimes you could feel a shift several weeks from then. Of course, my impatient ass wanted instant results. Relax, Justine, relax.

So it was pretty cool for my first experience. I always love stories about the underdog, so Corinne’s winning battle over Lyme Disease fully warms my heart. I would recommend a Reiki class. Don’t rely on logic for once in your life and go! You may experience miracles :)