My First Business Trip to Chicago and I Didn't Eat Deep Dish Pizza, So Stop Asking

Yes! I can cross another thing off my list of things I want to do before I croak, visit Chicago, IL. My time there was very short, and I actually didn’t get to explore much. I got to see a lot of the Trump Hotel (where my conference was) and a lot of 10 Pin (a bowling alley where our ‘team building outing’ took place). From what I could see, it was not anything like New York City. NOTHING is like New York City. New York City is the queen of all cities, and I’ve been to ROME. Chicago reminds me more of Boston than it does of NYC.

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I have started this job a little over two months ago. So far, I love it! I know it’s early but I can really see a future with this company. I enjoy the work, the company culture, and the benefits and perks. As far as the people go, I haven’t really gotten to know them yet, as the department I work in tends to work autonomously. This is more than fine with me, considering I am an introvert, occasionally an extroverted introvert.

Although my time here was short I learned a few valuable lessons about work, life, and my introverted self that I’d LOVE to share. Some are do’s and don’ts, and the rest are just personal things I have learned about how I operate, haha. Enjoy:

  1. When you’ve had four drinks in two hours, it’s time to go home. Do not attempt to drink at the hotel bar with coworkers you’ve never met from different offices around the country. It will only end badly.
  2. When you are shown pictures of other people’s children, you have to OOGLE at their cuteness. YOU MUST. It is only polite.
  3. Do not have sexual fantasies about the older man from the Salt Lake City office. Just don’t go there….
  4. DO add him on LinkedIn…..
  5. I couldn’t eat a hot dog if it was the last piece of food remaining on this earth during an apocalypse. I’m a huge meat-eater but hot dogs don’t even seem to be of this planet, let alone in the same meat and poultry family.
  6. Donald Trump is an egotistical ignorant conservative, but he runs awesome hotels. I received nothing but great hospitality from the Trump Hotel in Chicago. It had very beautiful views and convenient accommodations. The television in the mirror in the bathroom was a little much though. Mr. Trump, why don’t you eliminate the televisions and use the cost to donate to the Democratic National Committee instead? Just saying…..
  7. People from Texas have AWESOME accents and great manners.
  8. When saying goodbye to people, women expect hugs, and men expect handshakes. Do not try to shake a woman’s hand; it will only turn to an awkward shake/hug hybrid (SO AWKWARD).
  9. My year on a bowling team ten years ago taught me NOTHING. My highest score was a 104.
  10. Uber drivers are very interesting people.

Ok, well that’s about it. Nothing crazy happened while I was here, except I ate potatoes (a no-no on the Paleo lifestyle) and I woke up with cashews spread complacently around my bed from drunk night eating. Other than that, everything was good. I was scared at first, being the introvert that I am, meeting a lot of new people at once. Hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself TOO much. I did the best I could with what I had. Looking forward to the next business trip!