Why Robin Scherbatsky Chose Barney Stinson

Why Robin Scherbatsky Chose Barney Stinson

I am one of the biggest How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) fans. I’ve seen every episode at least twice. It speaks to so many late-twenty somethings and early thirty-somethings who are just trying to figure things out. A lot of things to me on the show are far-fetched (who stays best friends with both ex-boyfriends???), but there are more situations that resonate very close to home. More specifically, in a character, and her name is Robin Scherbatsky.

Let me just say one thing off the bat. I am WAY more emotional than Robin Scherbatsky. I will never deny that. She is closed off about her feelings, whereas all I ever want to do is talk about mine. We may be polar opposites on this end, but what I can relate to is her love life.

Everyone has seen the finale by now, and everyone knows Robin chooses and marries Barney over Ted. Yet, because of a little thing called destiny, Robin does indeed end up growing old with Ted.

Now, a lot of fans were disappointed in this ending. Throughout the series run of 7 seasons, we were ALL (well, most) yelling at Robin for consistently denying the sweet courting of Ted Mosby. Some women would die for that type of courtship. On the complete opposite spectrum, is Barney Stinson, the loud-mouthed narcissist commitment-phobic womanizer, also known as Robin’s husband (well, ex-husband).

Logic is well, just that. It’s logical.

THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Why would someone choose this type of man for a life-partner, ESPECIALLY since a GOOD man is chasing you and promising to give you the world? Oh, Robin. Don’t worry. I know why.

I’m a really good person. I am. I love myself. I am flawed, but at least I am mindful of those flaws and work every day on being a better and happier person. A lot of people just wallow in their pity and accept their behavior, desperately grasping for external sources to provide happiness. These are the unhappy people. With this being said, yes I’m not perfect. I still have issues. It is this broken part of yourself that usually attracts the most broken of all people.

Robin was broken, much like Barney. Both using FEAR and denial of love to lead their lives. Many people don’t realize it, but this is the recipe for unhappiness. Always choose love, in every situation.

This doesn’t mean SETTLE. This means FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL. Once you identify how you feel, actually take a moment to feel the pain, and then let it pass. Robin didn’t honor her feelings, therefore blocking any real genuine love from Ted to flow. Only years later, after her divorce from Barney did she even BEGIN to think Ted was the one.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is the way Robin’s life panned out, wasn’t wrong. It’s exactly how the universe had it planned for her. Maybe, just maybe, if she didn’t live in constant fear of what real love is, her and Ted could have lived happily ever after, sooner rather than later. Instead, Robin remained broken and chose someone she saw her broken self in.

Barney's fate. We're still rooting for him.

At the close of the series, Barney had yet to see the light, reverting back to his old ways. Robin evolved; therefore the marriage simply didn’t work anymore. With that being said, I still have hope for Barney. Maybe his little baby girl will break him. I guess we’ll never know. But a true ambassador of love will always HOPE……