My Very First Vision Board and It's Fabulous

This past weekend, while you were getting drunk as a skunk, I spent my Saturday night creating a vision board with my good friend, SOBER. What’s a vision board you ask? I’LL TELL YOU WHAT A VISION BOARD IS. A vision board is a platform (in our case, cardboard from a bread box) where we post pictures of what we vision our lives to be like in the future. We did this using old magazines, jewelry, and fabric from unwanted clothes. The results were absolutely fabulous.

I’m not usually a crafty person, but when I tell you I REALLY got into this, I REALLY GOT INTO THIS. It really took me a ZEN place and found myself thoroughly enjoying searching for ‘goals’ and making me realize what I really want out of this life. After adding the finishing touches, I realized something that actually made me pretty sad. I looked at the board and realized there’s nothing on here that represents romantic love.


vision board

 Mine :) Isn't it fabulous?

vision board

My friends :) Gotta love that fabric!

HMMMMM. I found that SO interesting. Although I am a great ambassador of LOVE, I guess I’m not that huge of an advocate for romantic love. Or worse, I just subconsciously don’t see it in my future. Not sure which one is worse…..

So after a few days of thinking about this, I realized that I don’t think it’s either of them. Maybe, just maybe, I have finally trusted and surrendered to the universe. Maybe, just maybe, I believe the universe will give me what I need in the romantic love department, on its schedule. The truth is, do I think I’ll end up decrepit (so dramatic) and alone? No, I really don’t. After EVERYTHING I’ve been through, I can still honestly say I believe in TRUE LOVE. You can never stop believing, not even for a second.

Soooooo I guess I’ve found myself in a period of my life where I’m concentrating more on the other aspects of my life, as opposed to my love life. It’s really not a bad thing, and I must say, I’ve been waking up in a happy mood every morning for quite some time.

In conclusion, my first experimentation with a vision board was a success! I had so much fun CREATING something that envisions my future. My friend agreed, so we have vowed to do one EVERY MONTH until all of our visions come true. But who’s to say we’re going to stop dreaming? :)

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