My Slow Progression Into A Hipster Cannot Be Stopped

Hipster Town

In a previous blog post about my dislike for material things, I expressed that when I was a spring chicken I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was in love with high-end brands such as Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, and Missoni. Little did I know, I loved the beauty of odd things, and not the actual high-end status it symbolized. Because, after all, I am a weirdo at heart.

Yes, that’s it. I am an oddball and I fucking love it.

The more I get to know myself, the more I realize I love beautiful things. The more free and spiritual I become, the more ‘hipster’ I seem to become, and I'm totally okay with it.

Everyone has their own definition of the word hipster. Some classify them as people who listen to indie music. Some classify them as vegans who wear flowers in their hair and live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But to define hipster would be an endless struggle.

I never classified myself as a hipster until a friend called me that one day. I was wearing a headband and a flowy top, and declared myself gluten-free and cheese free. Does that make me a hipster? I guess so in his eye.

But so what if I am? What if I rather buy from vintage shops but Forever 21 is having a sale? I have to do what feels right. Also, being a hipster, in my eyes, shouldn’t have restrictions. That blouse in Forever 21 is so cute, I must have it……

Yes, I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, and have a blue/black ombre than dress up in prep wear for a very corporate job. My very corporate job is getting me to where I need to go financially FOR NOW. I know who I am truly am. I still go home, light the incense, read the very spacey spirituality book, and meditate right before bed.

As I head deeper into Hipster-town, I cannot stop.

I cannot stop because as I go deeper into this spirituality journey, I find myself vibrating on a higher frequency then my former self. This means my body could start to reject the very things I used to love. Believe it or not, my body used to CRAVE Diet Coke, and I would drink about four cans a day. If I even think about drinking it now, it makes my body cringe in disgust.

As my spiritual evolution continues, who knows what else is in store for this hipster. Do we see a vegan diet in the future? It’s a possibility. Or perhaps, completely alcohol-free? I hope not, but again, a real possibility.