My Hair Love Story: A Beautiful Revelation About Hair and Emotions

My Hair Love Story

When I was 19 years-old, I entered into my first (first of many!) devastating break-up. The first week of emotional pain was followed by a second week of bleaching my hair. I don’t mean dying to blonde. I mean BLEACHING IT. This means my dark brownish black hair was now white.

Many people had asked me, “Why would you do that to your beautiful hair?” My answer were simple things like “I needed a change” or “I always wanted to be blonde” or “Gwen Stefani is so beautiful, I want to look just like her” (let me be clear, she can pull it off, I can NOT). But the truth is, I needed to escape that awful emotional pain I was experiencing and changing my hair DRASTICALLY allowed me to feel some type of control over my life. It was a somewhat poetic way to starting fresh with something new.

Why does changing your hair make you feel like a new person?

There has to be some psychology behind that. Maybe I did hit it right on the head. Maybe I needed to feel control. Maybe, by changing my hair, I needed to feel that even if something changed abruptly, I would still be okay and survive. If I can survive BLEACHED HAIR I can survive ANYTHING, including this breakup.

Well, I did survive. My healthy hair did not. I dyed it back a week later, and my hair was so traumatized that I had to cut it into a short ‘bob’ haircut and patiently wait for new hair to grow. Any one that has ever been in an awkward hair-growing phase, can surely feel my pain.

BUT this is not the end of my hair love story. I have noticed, throughout the years it actually became a pattern. I've changed my hair after truly devastating life events (an ombre after another hard breakup). Today, I have found myself yet again changing my hair, going from straight to curly in the last week. Yes, my hair will indeed be healthier without the enhancement of a hair straightener EVERY DAY. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit, I feel a new beginning approaching, some sort of new chapter. It feels good. It makes me feel hopeful for the future. I guess hair is not just hair after all…….