My Attachment Issues Resurface, This Time When It Comes To Money $$$

Money Controls Me, and That is NOT Okay

I know in my heart of hearts that money is just an exchange of value for a product or service. I understand the need for an economical exchange system; I’m not that much of a hippy. BUT I must say, I have a certain type of FALSE, FEAR-BASED attachment to money.

As most people now know, I have decided to invest in myself and start my intuitive coaching. I signed up early Saturday morning. The plan was to sign up early Friday morning, as soon as I got paid, and for some reason I could not get myself to pull through on the final transaction.

I couldn’t figure out the root of the cause. I KNOW it was a good investment for me. I KNOW I believed in the curriculum of the program WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. My attachment to money had raised its ugly head and I was left having to deal with another issue of mine head on.

This past week, I even wrote a blog post about it, I’ve been feeling really restless at work. I just can’t sit in front of the computer day in and day out. It picks apart at my heart strings and my soul. I dream about a life where I wake up and make a REAL difference in people’s lives, and in doing so, I can completely support myself. By doing this program, I KNOW (highly intuitive, so I literally just KNOW) that this will further my career and get me where I need to go. I also believe that the only way to make money is to spend money.

With all of these undeniably true statements, I still couldn’t find myself being quick to purchase. I know for a fact I am choosing fear over love. In my head, I have created an attachment to the money I have. Money is in abundance. If you choose love and speak it out into the universe, you shall receive. I was not speaking of its abundance, therefore creating a fear-based attachment to money. At the end of the day, my bills are paid, and why not use my extra cash to invest on something worthwhile, and investing in myself is the best investment I can ever make. I am going to be with myself for a very, very long time, I may as well like the person I’m with. So I finally took the plunge and bought my first month of intuitive coaching on Saturday.

After purchasing, I immediately thought of this quote I read somewhere on Instagram: “If you think your dream is crazy, remember there is a billionaire out there who invented the pool noodle.” So true. Only forward from here…..

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