Leave It To Me To Find The Spiritual Lessons in Men In Black….

I spent my Saturday night sober and watching Men In Black

Over the weekend, I found myself watching Men In Black (MIB) with my stepbrother. What a FANTASTIC movie. My absolute favorite part is the very beginning when he is trying to take the MIB test and he is sitting in the egg chair with nothing to lean on. LOL.

I remember QUITE a few summers back, my sister and I spent an entire summer watching MIB play over and over again on HBO. We became pale as hell, and my sister developed a life-long crush on Will Smith (he really is a great actor, though).

Even though I’ve seen the movie probably over 50 times, I’ve never seen it in my new state of consciousness. It was like a whole new world to me, because there were certain things I was now aware of.

SO MANY SPIRITUAL LESSONS, my face was lighting up during the movie. If only my unconscious self had known! My sister loved the movie for Will Smith, but the deep spiritual being in my confused teenage stage was clearly drawn to this movie. No wonder I like it so much…

This is the part of the blog where I break down the spiritual lessons I found nestled so deeply in the storyline....

Let’s talk about the obvious first. Aliens are among us. HAHAHA. You should have seen the look on my stepbrother’s face when I said that out loud. HAHA. Do you have the History Channel? If you do, please check out Aliens Underwater. I’m not going to go into more detail. JUST WATCH IT. There have been countless amounts of evidence throughout the years of a species outside of the human race. Believe what you want. I know what I believe, but then again, I also believe in unicorns. Take that as you will.

Okay, the next spiritual message from MIB: the universe on Orion’s belt. Okay, hopefully you have already seen the movie, and I am not spoiling anything. I love the premise of the movie, when Agent Kay and Agent Jay are looking for the universe. They interpret the universe as being large and in charge and they are confused when they find out it’s here on Earth. What Kay and Jay fail to realize is, the universe doesn’t necessarily have to be big in size. The universe can be small, small enough that it can be inside of you. You are the universe; the universe is inside of you, not the other way around. Beautiful <3

What’s another blog post without the mention of the ego? HAHA. My favorite topic!! So, at the end, Jay has to keep that damn BUG on the planet while Kay is chillen in this bug’s stomach trying to find his gun. Naturally, Jay tries to keep him on the planet by physical force. Too bad the bug is five times his size. After swinging Jay off of him with ease, Jay goes flying headfirst into a dumpster (which BTW would produce  a serious concussion in real life, but that’s neither here or there.) Anyway, when Jay stands up he notices there are cockroaches on his arm (EW). Using his quick smarts, he formulates a plan to attack the bug’s EGO. Jay starts hurting the bugs and making smart remarks (“Oh, sorry, was that your Auntie? LOL, still funny, even after the 51st time) that he is hoping will get to the bug. Low and behold, he’s RIGHT. The bug is an alien after all, and if I piece together everything I believe to be true about aliens, they have a lot of the same cognitive functioning as us humans (yes, you read that sentence right). The bug let’s his ego get in the way, and begins to climb down the tower to kill Jay for revenge for his ‘bug family’. This gives Kay enough time to find the gun and blow him to smithereens.

Is this a little subtle message from the spiritual guiders over there in Hollywood? The ego is present to get in your way? I gotta say, sometimes I wish I was normal and didn’t have to think about these things, but then again, I got you thinking, right?