Just Look Forward and Keep Going

Just Look Forward and Keep Going

Change is growth. We are ALL aware of this; it’s a pretty simple concept. We all are here to evolve into the people we were meant to be. But I’m sure as you’ve evolved during the years, you’ve lost some people. I’m in the same boat. Except I feel like the number of people I’ve lost has exceeded my threshold.

Gratefully, when I say ‘lost’ I don’t mean pass away. In fact, I have been so blessed for not having any close family or friends pass away. I am truly grateful. ‘Lost’ means not a part of my life, and to me, someone with attachment issues, could be a very traumatic experience for me.

Psychologists and motivational speakers have said often said to take a look at the five people  in your life that you are closest to, and that will tell you everything you need to know. They supposedly are the ones influencing your life on a daily basis.

When I hear things like that, it makes perfect sense to me that I have recycled and refreshed my inner circle my entire life. Not to say these people are bad people, but sometimes they are just not on the same mission anymore. Or perhaps you’ve grown so much they just don’t relate to your life anymore. Or maybe just maybe, they’ve done the growing.

It’s sad. Like mentioned previously, I have attachment issues, so this is particularly saddening to me. This natural life occurrence is just natural, and well, I guess we have to SURRENDER to it. We have to ACCEPT this growth.

To those I have ever lost from my inner circle along the way, I hope you understand. To the people that keep losing people, it’s okay, KEEP GOING.