Kale? At McDonalds? Say It Isn't So

Kale? At McDonalds? Say It Isn't So

I couldn’t believe it either. I had just heard from the fast food grapevine that McDonald’s will be testing an egg white scramble with turkey sausage and kale, starting in Southern California. A few things need to be addressed here. But FIRST, I’d like to address the egg white debate. NEWS FLASH: the yolk is totally fine to eat! It’s the good fat, so don’t hate on the poor yolk.

Another thing here to address is the fact that it is only being tested in Southern California for now. Not fair! What about us East Coasters? I want to try this delicious combination (still wishing there was some yolks, but nonetheless sounds delectable)! I also feel as if this experiment if biased, Californians tend to be slightly more ahead of the healthy curve. So if it’s not a hit, then well, our country may be doomed.

This new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, seems to be steering McDonald’s in a whole other direction. A healthy direction, and I THINK I like it. I say think because, McDonald’s taking a healthy turn is pretty hard to believe. After everything we already know, it’s a very steep hole to climb out from. I mean, I saw Super Size Me.

I do applaud the effort. I really do. I’ve heard (also from the fast food grapevine) that fast food is gradually decreasing in sales, due to the emergence of fast-casual (Panera Bread, Chipotle, etc.) and us millennials becoming SMARTER when it comes to food choices. GO US!

Well, let’s hope this catches on. I haven’t heard about the release date or the pricing. Californians report back! In the meantime, good job Mr. Easterbrook.