Is He Right, OR Am I Just Wrong?

Is He Right, OR Am I Just Wrong?

Last night I found myself rushing to meet an old friend. This said friend is a friend of about ten years. I’m not going to sit here and tell you we remained super close all these years, because well, I do not lie. But it’s not like it was a falling out or anything, it’s just that sometimes life happens, and it did, he moved to Florida, got married, and had a baby.

So began our night of catching up. As he was describing his life (STAY AT HOME DAD) I could feel a rush of claustrophobia rushing through my body. He described his daily routine as the following:

Wake up. Feed one-year-old. Play with him until lunchtime. Eat again. Time for a nap. Wake up for nap. Have a snack. Play some more. Wait for wife to come home.

Also, there is housework throughout the day that needs to be done.

Sound appetizing yet? The weekend includes the following:

Running errands that could not be finished during the week. Movies at home all night.


To each its own. When I asked him if he felt like he was missing out on something, he asked me to describe that “something”. I said “developing yourself, finding out who you are, trying new things, meeting new people, traveling the world, etc etc.” He said he had no interest.

Again, to each its own.

To me (brace yourselves this is only an opinion) this sounds like a prison sentence. Except for a few things that I found rather humbling:

The fact that his family is first and is the center of his world. What else does he need? He is focusing all his time and energy on his son and his wife, and that is BEYOND admirable.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. The biggest lesson I received from this, was that you really simply can’t compare yourself to other people’s lives. We are of the same age, and have two different ideas of what kind of life we want to live. I found myself really making sure to dig deeper with him and make sure he is TRULY HAPPY with his lifestyle. And it seems to be genuine. He is genuinely happy this way.

It was good seeing him, and our little get-together certainly has taught ME a little something about my wants, my needs, my dreams.....