I’m OKAY With a Gluten-Free Lifestyle, Why Are You NOT OKAY With It?

I’m OKAY With a Gluten-Free Lifestyle, Why Are You NOT OKAY With It?

I do not have Celiac’s Disease. I don’t have any disease/infection/abnormality that would put me on a strict diet regimen. However, I do follow a gluten-free lifestyle.

“You are so ridiculous. You’re depriving yourself. Life is supposed to be enjoyed.” These are frequent statements I’ve heard from many people throughout my life. All I can say is “If you feel that strongly about it, then make sure YOU don’t follow a gluten-free lifestyle.

Since my mindfulness transformation, it has been so much easier to listen to what my intuition is telling me. When I eat gluten, I listen to what my body tells me. My head feels cloudy, I get distracted easily, and I feel more bloated. When I don’t eat gluten, I have a clearer head, less headaches, and I am more focused. So when it comes down to eating a cupcake or feeling my best all day long, it is simply a no-brainer. I know what you’re thinking. Could this all be in my head? Maybe. But it’s in MY head.

I choose my lifestyle so please don’t feel bad for me...

In my eyes, I’m not depriving myself at all. In fact, just because I live a gluten-free style doesn’t mean I don’t treat myself. In fact, I was able to enjoy the cake at a wedding I attended Saturday night. One night will not offset me; therefore I am not really depriving myself.

So please keep your eye-rolling to yourself. I am very aware I don’t have Celiac’s Disease and I am also very aware I am not doing this because it’s ‘trending’. I will follow this lifestyle until it no longer brings purpose to my life. Until then, no gluten for me....