I Have Proof That Unicorns Exist

“This bitch has really fallen off of her rocker.” Says just about every non-believer 

unicorn During the time of my spiritual awakening, I was suspiciously drawn to flowers, rainbows, and my favorite, UNICORNS. At first I thought it was the beauty attracting me. I loved unicorns so much; I even dressed up as one for Halloween...

A unicorn is my spirit animal...

I get asked quite frequently why I love unicorns. Just as frequently, I get asked ‘You know unicorns don’t exist, right?’

I’m the type of person (and it’s funny because my roommate and I were having this discussion the other day), that doesn’t need hard scientific evidence to believe something is true. I am more of a right-brained and heart-centered person, as opposed to a systematic, scientific, and logical person. So the fact that I’ve never seen a unicorn doesn’t convince me otherwise. So my question to you would be, ‘How do you know they don’t exist?”

unicornUnicorns are beautiful because they are symbolic to what we CAN BE. They are mysterious creatures that really make you believe that all things are possible. They help me believe in miracles, that I can do anything, and even if people doubt your essence, you still are fabulous with your shiny tail and mane, as well as that awesome horn of yours.

“This bitch has really fallen off of her rocker.” Says everyone that just read this blog post.

IDGAF (urban dictionary that if you choose). Sometimes, you have to JUST BELIEVE.