How to Be Fearless and Unbreakable: Overcoming Fear and Living Presently

Fear, get out of my mind, you do not exist

I am known for being the ‘spacey one’ among friends. In fact, I am constantly saying this phrase, “Fear isn’t real, only love is real.” Now, WTF does that mean exactly (lol)? Oh, I’ll explain it to you….

So, FEAR. Let me start out by saying, that fear and danger are two different things. I know what you’re thinking. If I’m camping in the woods, and I see a bear, I am allowed to be scared. YES. I get that, I do. But that is because you’re in danger. So biologically, your body goes into fight or flight (remember from Psychology 101?), which is your body’s response to survival. FEAR is completely different. Fear is usually in response to something that has happened in the past or has not happened yet in the future, it’s in your mind. Really think about this……

I’ll give you an example. I am living on the outskirts of New York City, in Hudson County New Jersey. I’ve wanted to live in New York City= ever since I was a little girl. Growing up I had fantasized about being a famous fashion designer and living in NYC with a perfect view of the greatest city in the world. My aspirations of being a fashion designer dwindled throughout the years; the more I got to know myself. BUT, my dream of living in the city hasn’t faded, not even for a moment. To me, this means everything. My intuition is telling me to move here, it’s the next right move.

THEN, I do something like check my bank account. I’m not poor, but I am surely not rich either. Living in the city is definitely doable, but there will have to be some sacrifices. That instills a fear in me. Fear that I’m not going to make it. Fear that I’m going to run out of money. But if you break down this fear, I’m really using all of my time and energy FEARING something that may not even actually happen. So what if I fail? What if I succeed? If I fail, I have to move back, poorer than when I started. But if I succeed, I get everything I ever wanted. What’s the better choice?

That’s what I mean when I say, fear isn’t real. It’s just not, because the things we fear most, may not ever happen. Sometimes we attach fear to a past experience. This type of fear has been consuming me for a while now. I had gone through an experience I can only describe as traumatic. I have been carrying that fear with me for about two and a half years now. Until one day, I had a conversation with my own personal intuitive coach. She asked me, what was I doing spending so much time in the past? What is that doing for me? I needed to live presently.

I awoke the next day with a different feeling in my heart. It was love replaced by fear. I have never felt freer in my life than I did that morning.

Love wins EVERY SINGLE TIME. Fear is just an illusion our mind makes for us because we are not living presently. If you do not rule your mind, your mind will rule you. I’ve spoken about this before, and I’m sticking by it because it’s the cold hard truth.

Once you know the secret about love and fear, you will achieve freedom. Not only will you achieve freedom, but you will become unbreakable. Because as we all know, the truth shall set you free.