How Much Does Astrology Really Matter?

How Much Does Astrology Really Matter?

A lot. I think. People are complex. They have many layers, like onions (hey! I learned something from my Interpersonal Communications class). But does their birth date have the same weight as nurture and nature? I THINK SO.

I am the kind of person who is ALWAYS thinking outside the box. I am OUT THERE. If people really knew what was going on inside my mind, they’d check me into the first looney bin they found. This is why I have some trouble forming relationships. I am always analyzing my every move, as well as the moves of others.

I guess you can say I live my life on guard, quickly scanning every person I meet, and assessing them through their first impression. BUT what I have been doing recently is asking people their signs. Why? I believe astrology is a good indicator of the kind of personality this person will exhibit.

It’s usually 90% right, in my experience. I really only know a few astrology signs thoroughly but sometimes I can even tell someone what their sign is before they even tell me.

The universe works in a miraculous ways, so the fact that you were born on a particular date is not a coincidence. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES.

If that doesn’t leave you in suspense, I don’t know what will.