False Advertisement: This is DEF Why America is So Fucked Up

False Advertisement: This is DEF Why America is So Fucked Up

On my way home from my awesome job in the city yesterday, I noticed an advertisement plastered right above the opening and closing doors. This particular advertisement was for a special set of braces. When I began to read what the ad said, I started to get a feeling of dread in the deepest part of my gut. Something wasn’t right. The messaging, there was something off about it.

It read ‘A better smile may mean a better job, better relationships, and a better life all around.’ That’s the sentence that bothered me. Advertisers making promises, yet again, that something external can make you happy. SHAKING MY DAMN HEAD.

No wonder we think this way as a society. Advertising ingrains it in our poor impressionable brains. Do you think a perfect smile will correct that deep longing for real love? Or maybe cover up the intense emotional pain from a loss of a parent? Wake up, people!

Yes, I am a victim myself. I am not PERFECT. Most of the times, if I don’t feel good on the outside, it affects how I feel on the inside. For example, if I don’t tan (can’t take the Jersey Shore out of the City Girl), than I don’t feel like myself. Something feels off. I’ve been working on it. But it definitely is a challenge.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you want a better life, maybe it’s not your teeth that is the problem…..