Does The Extroverted Introvert Truly Exist?

I know FOR SURE that I am an introvert. I’ve gotten to know myself quite well in the last few years, and this is definitely a fact. But when I seem to identify myself in the presence of others, the first reaction I get is ‘You are SO NOT an introvert.’ HAHAHA. The truth is, being introverted or extroverted really is determined by how you process energy. Do you re-energize around people or do you re-energize alone? I re-energize alone because I’m very sensitive to energy in general.

Here’s another fun fact about me. I’d choose living in an urban area over suburbia any day. I actually enjoy being around hundreds of people walking the streets. I mean, I live in a studio by myself, where I can re-energize alone. But there’s something about the energy. Maybe, it’s the energy of New York City, where all of your dreams can come true. Or, maybe, just maybe, I am an extroverted introvert.

Is that a thing?

Allegedly it is. I’ve done some research and some psychologists believe it to be true. I have to admit, when I feel the most fearless, I feel like meeting all the new people I can. When I feel ultra-sensitive, I just want to stay in and watch a marathon of Keeping up with the Kardashians. It’s all about how I am FEELING in the moment. But then again, in my core BEING, I truly feel as if I am an introvert.

The extroverted introvert personality is still up for debate. But no matter what you are, just stay true to it. If staying in and watching a movie feels good to you, then go ahead and do that. HONOR your feelings and your intuition, somehow they always know what to do <3