Coming Out Of The Intuitive Coach Closet

Today is my coming out party.

In fact, today is the day I WANT to identify myself as an intuitive coach. What the heck is that and OH MY GOD this is scary as fuck.

Thoughts such as ‘Who would pay me to help coach them through life?’ and ‘You don’t have everything together, why do you think you’re qualified?’ are questions I’m preparing to hear when I come out of the coaching closet (I’m expecting them to flow in any second). So, ironically, I am doing the very thing I’ll be coaching my clients to push through: FEAR.

Fear is a killer, man. It is the one thing holding all of us back. I’ve been working on myself A LOT lately and in this self-improvement journey I have been focusing on one thing in particular, and the most important in my opinion: fear clearing exercises.

I’ve been meditating daily on fear for five minutes, and then taking another five minutes to write them all down. It seems when I write them all down, they become clearer and more real. Lastly I take the time to identify these fears using conscious reasoning. The question I ask myself is, ‘What am I REALLY afraid of?’

Usually the answer to that question makes me feel like the WORLD’S BIGGEST SCAREDY CAT. Because usually, what I come to find out, is that most of these fears are irrational. I’ve always identified myself as a rational person. LOGICAL is a whole other story…..but rational, yes. I’ll give you an example….

One thing I wrote down the other day was ‘I fear speaking up at work meetings.’ So I decided to break that down. ‘What am I REALLY afraid of? I will surely not spontaneously combust when I speak up. I may sound stupid if I ask a bogus question, but I certainly will not combust (stranger things have happened though, right?). So I am afraid of the judgments of other people when it comes down to it. So I continue to break that down. If people judge me, how will that affect my life? Hurt my self-esteem? But why do the opinions of others actually matter to me?

I keep preaching and PREACHING that I finally understand the way I operate and who I am, so why do the opinions of others affect me? If people can’t accept me and make judgments about who I am, then chances are, I’m among the wrong crowd. Ever hear the saying ‘If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.’? Replace smartest with enlightened and I’m pretty sure I’m oftentimes in the wrong room.

I’ve been thinking about our educational system lately, and how standardized testing is really putting a damper on young minds. Speaking from experience only, I remember my very awkward and lost young self not being able to ace a standardized ScanTron test for the life of me. Luckily I sailed through school, all the way up to my Masters, with B’s and C’s. It was a struggle, but little did I know my strengths lied in the creative arts as well as emotional intelligence. These are my strong suits and this is where I thrive.

BINGO.  Look what I’m doing now. I’m pulling out all the stops to become an intuitive coach, something that can’t be measured by a certification, diploma, or test of any kind. Well, maybe an emotional intelligence would be the closest.

Some things can be proven with physical evidence. Why would some stranger trust me as an intuitive coach? Well, as a classic intuitive coach would say, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. Do I seem genuine? Do I seem trustworthy? Do I seem qualified? You can make that call; I can’t make it for you.




You can marinate on that for awhile….