Can You Be Spiritual and Drink Vodka Martinis?

Ah. A question I frequently ask myself. Yes, I am guilty of being a lover of alcohol, more specifically, vodka. Well, I’m here to tell you it is perfectly normal to enjoy alcohol and live a balanced life.

But, you see, balanced is the key word. If you find yourself guzzling a bottle of wine as opposed to actually dealing with your issues (GUILTY again, the old ME though) then that is where the issue comes into play.

STRESS. It’s a huge part of everyone’s life. There are days when I say to myself, WHEN'S  HAPPY HOUR? Stress can take a toll on your mind, body, and soul (didn’t mean to rhyme there, pretty cool that I did though) and it is only natural to reach for a depressant.

The misconception of being spiritual and a social drinker probably stems from the fact that when you are intoxicated, you are not at your highest consciousness to make informed decisions. I know that all too well. I have not always made the best decisions after consuming one too many martinis. The only thing I can say to that is, be as mindful as possible and DON’T BINGE DRINK.

OKAYYYY. So what if you DID binge drink? It’s okay. First things first, forgive yourself. It happens. Guess what? You’re human. You are probably feeling embarrassed or shameful. Like I said, forgive yourself, then start making your amends. BUT, do in fact make them. If you have offended or hurt someone you care about, don’t brush that stuff under the rug. Resentment will build on their part. TRUST ME.

Amends are made, you drank all the water your body could possibly hold, and you ate something fried to coat that vodka swimming in the bottom of your stomach. Now what? Take a few days off for starters. Then just remember next time to not go overboard and know your limit.

Yes, you can drink and be spiritual. Alcohol may affect your state of mind, but this is just temporary. Living a mindful LIFESTYLE is what counts.