Orange is the New Black: Piper Chapman is an Undercover Narcissist

My last few weeks have been spent sitting down on my flawless leather couches, doing freelance work, and BINGE-WATCHING Orange is the New Black. It’s been a calm few weeks, and needless to say, sleepless. The show is SO SO SO good though and if you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend you do. Okay, so I should preface this by saying that in talking about Piper and her narcissism, I will probably be revealing some spoilers, so if you didn’t binge-watch like me, then do not go any further!

You’re still reading. Okay, let’s begin….

When I was watching the pilot episode of Orange is the New Black I thought to myself, ‘Awww poor Piper, she got mixed up in a drug cartel with her lesbian lover and now this poor WASP has to do the time.’ Her innocence tugged at my heart strings, and I legitimately felt bad for her. Fast forward to Season 3, and Piper Chapman’s real self has appeared.

When it comes to Piper and Alex’s relationship, from the surface, it seems as though Alex is the degenerate who pulls Piper into this crazy drug, sex, make party, world. But Piper has choices, and she chooses to go further FULLY KNOWING Alex’s baggage (well except the fact she had a girlfriend at the time that punched Piper, but that’s neither here or nor there). Piper wanted to escape her mundane, humdrum WASP existence, whether Alex was in the picture or not. Alex was just a catalyst in the situation. Regardless of who is responsible for this unhealthy relationship and lifestyle, it happened, and continued to happen for quite some time.

The flashbacks are GENIUS, giving the audience background information on both Piper and Alex. We get to see the type of relationship they endured as well as relationships to others, before and after their whirlwind romance. There is no doubt in my mind that both these women have deep, intense emotional issues, but I couldn’t help but feel Piper has a MUCH bigger issue, a personality disorder.

I believe Piper suffers from narcissism. It’s funny because narcissism is very hard to pick up in the beginning, but becomes apparent the more you get to know the person. I haven’t seen Piper be self-less once, and that’s saying a lot. For example, the time she refused to go to Alex’s mother’s funeral. Yes, they were broken up, and it isn’t mandatory for an ex-lover to attend, but the fact that Piper didn’t show any sign of remorse says everything.

At first I thought, ‘Okay, maybe she’s acting this way because it is prison after all, and every woman for herself.’ But that just doesn’t explain the flashbacks showing situations of a narcissistic Piper. I believe being in prison brings her narcissism to light, not enhances or creates it.

Piper needs admiration, attention, and an ego boost at all times, causing her to cheat on her fiancé with Piper, who is closer and more convenient. I’m not trying to say she loved Alex more than Larry, every love is different, but you can just never tell what’s genuine or not with a narcissistic person, which brings me to my next point. Stella is the PAINFULLY gorgeous Australian inmate (it should be illegal to be that beautiful). Once Piper got what she wanted, a relationship with Alex, another woman comes along and Piper is intrigued. Stella kisses her first, and Piper of course reciprocates because it signals admiration from another, a quick and easy ego boost. She CANNOT resist. Those with narcissistic personality disorder also can’t be alone. It is too painful for their ego to bear that someone does not desire them (AHEM, Piper). I wouldn’t be shocked if Alex questions Piper’s love for her (which she does, but then quickly recants). Her intentions are all just too egotistical for me. I mean she did land Alex back in jail for her own personal SELFISH gain….

Then this crazy WASP frames Stella when she steals from her! CUT-THROAT. I almost fell off my comfy leather couch when I saw her pull that move. She felt threatened, naturally lacked empathy, and turned that poor soul in. TRUST NO BITCH IS RIGHT. SHIT. Meanwhile, Alex is about to get murdered. Do we see the disconnect here?

With all my Piper negative talk, here comes some positive. I still love the girl; she’s just troubled (SHOCKER that I’m attracted to damaged people). I have never been in prison (let’s keep that streak going) so I don’t know the psychological effects it can have firsthand. I’m rooting for her mental and emotional balance every time I watch.

Orange is the New Black is great and like I said, I highly recommend it. I’m on the edge of my seat to see what that crazy blonde-headed white girl is up to next.