The Entire History of You- A Black Mirror Review

Black Mirror: The TV Show You SHOULD Be Watching

For several weeks now my roommate has been telling me about this show on Netflix called Black Mirror. I have never heard of it, nor have I heard anyone talking about it. Her first adjective to describe the show was ‘dark’ and she also mentioned it will ‘really make you think.’ We all know I’m a sucker for things of that nature so about an hour or so ago I sat down and watched this one particular episode called ‘The Entire History of You.’ Let the darkness begins…

I was a communications major (undergraduate and graduate, majored in it, still suck at it, but that’s a whole OTHER story) in college. So, with that being said, I am a huge advocate for new technology and new ways for people to communicate. I’m also a big advocate for anything that will make your life easier and more convenient, as people are getting busier and busier by the year. Convenience is king.

How convenient would it be if instead of trying SO SO SO (emphasizing SO because of my depleting short term memory) hard to remember something you could just replay memories right before your eyes? Not just replay them, rewind them, pause them, and delete them?

That’s exactly what this episode portrays; a world in which that is possible due to a ‘grain’ (similar to a chip) in your brain. It’s fascinating and very science fiction meets psychology. Not usually a science fiction person but this technological concept fascinates me.

Like any great story, love was the driving force behind the FUCKERY that took place in this episode. The pain of finding out the person you love has lied and cheated (sorry, SPOILER) is already so intense, imagine being able to see the encounter through their unfaithful eyes? The last scene was a powerful one, in which he ends up carving and extracting the ‘grain’ from behind his ear, just so he doesn’t have to relive traumatizing moments. That moment was forceful and reminded me a lot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. How gut-wrenchingly sad to desperately want to delete the memories of a past love, because the pain is just overwhelmingly agonizing? So sad, yet so beautiful, in an asinine and poetic way……

It makes you think about technology too. You get so wrapped into the episode you start believing that this technology could actually be REAL one day. I think my heart will hurt too much relieving the moments of past love gone wrong and numerous unflattering moments. This episode pulled on my heart strings pretty recklessly for a Sunday afternoon….

I heard the other episodes were pretty good and I haven’t decided on whether or not I want to watch them. It would be so much easier to just watch 30 Rock and laugh my ass off at the witty jokes of Tina Fey as opposed to making myself think harder about life and how I live it. It would be EASIER, but it won’t be BETTER. It’s going to be intense, but anything that brings me to a higher consciousness is okay in my world. BRING IT ON.