3 Misconceptions of Empaths

I like writing about empaths because I have noticed, there’s really not a lot of accurate information on them out there. In fact, a lot of people don’t understand that we even exist. Empaths are a more escalated version of a highly sensitive person (HSP). A highly sensitive person is someone who has elevated senses and are highly sensitive to energy. They can feel things more deeply than the average person.

Being an HSP, you are faced with many challenges. The simplest jokes could hurt you, and it can be really hard to be around negative energy that could hurt you or drag you down. FOR YEARS, I thought I was a weirdie because I felt energy so deeply. Little did I know, that’s the core of what makes a highly sensitive person.

When it comes to empaths, there are many misconceptions that go along with it. The tricky thing here is, there’s really no scientific research on empaths (however, there is on HSPs, check out Dr. Judith Orloff, Dr. Sharon Barnes, and Dr. Elaine Aron). Being an empath is hard to explain, especially to the close-minded. So I’ve compiled my top 3 misconceptions about being an empath, hope you enjoy!

1. Empaths have extreme empathy at ALL times.

This is actually not true. If it was, an empath would barely be able to do anything, let alone leave the house. When I was my most sensitive, I could look at a freshly bloomed flower and cry. Today, I don’t look twice when passing the tulips outside my house. Another example has to do with my grandmother. My mother and I always bump heads when it comes to my sister and I calling our grandmother often. I don’t have a close relationship with her, but my mom brings up the point that she hasn’t be alone in 60-something years and it would be nice if we made sure she was okay. Totally justifiable, that’s called compassion, and I totally get it. But with everything going on in my world, I FREQUENTLY forget. This brings on guilt from my mom (women are subjected to enough guilt in life, you would think she would lay off a bit) when we don’t check in with grams. She often throws the ‘empath’ factor in, and says if I don’t feel for my grandmother I’m not an empath. I do feel for her, but it has nothing to do with my absentmindedness. There are a lot of factors into play here. Meanwhile, I go for my morning run one day last week and I see a dead rat on the street with blood hanging out of his mouth. I felt like I was going to throw up all day. There’s no wrong and right way to react to something.

2. Empaths are all crazy.

Case in point, you may have read that statement above about the flower, and call bullshit, or even do a slight eye roll. More importantly, you probably thought I was crazy. But believe it or not, it’s not crazy, and people really do have this extreme sensitivity. That’s why I’m as open-minded as I am. You tell me a demon attacked you in the middle of the night, I’ll believe it.

3. Empaths can’t run a successful business.

Actually, NOT TRUE. Yes, it could be difficult, but you can totally dominate the entrepreneur space if you honor your boundaries and protect yourself. In fact, turns out, more people are likely to buy products and services from those who truly care about their well-being. And empaths really do. As empaths get stronger and in more control of their sensitivity, the possibilities are endless.

Well, that’s my top 3! Hope you enjoyed it and got a better sense of how empaths actually operate. This won’t be the last blog about this, don’t you worry.

Light and love always!